Cumcumber growers

Albert en Jolanda Kosdi

After gaining experience working for a grower, Albert’s father started his own cucumber farm from scratch in 1965, in the west of The Netherlands. In 2011, Albert moved the business to the east, where two locations were merged. Today, Albert runs the business alone with his wife Jolanda at a beautiful location, and still grows cucumbers.




Kwekerij Noord-Oost B.V.



What makes their farm unique? Albert’s response is swift: “Honesty and simplicity. We prioritise quality above quantity. We want to grow the best product possible, which is what we've always done. Our business is manageable. I’m in control of the whole process and go for the highest possible quality.” The most enjoyable aspect to his work is that he can plan and manage everything himself. “I like to do things right and enjoy the freedom I have to make my own business decisions. The aim is to achieve the best possible result. And it’s important that everybody working for me is happy.”