Wild Tomato Mix

A special colourful mix of tasty tomatoes!

From orange and pink plum tomatoes and yellow and orange round tomatoes to San Marzano, Coeur de Boeuf, Coeur d'Amour and yellow cherry tomatoes. Wild Tomato Mix includes several types of tomatoes for the genuine tomato lover.

The user is, of course, helped in discovering the different varieties through information about the taste and use of the different types of tomato. Hence the consumer packaging comes with a handy strap or with a multilayer label with information about the contents. The wooden box is provided with a double-sided printed sash.

Wild Tomato Mix comes in wooden, 3.5 kg box (always with the same 15 different tomato varieties) or in a 500 g consumer pack (always with the same 11 different tomato varieties).
Wild tomatomix