Mademoiselle Cheri

Mademoiselle Cheri, THE healthy tapas treat with drinks.

Mademoiselle Cheri is a deliciously sweet, healthy and ready-to-eat mini tomato that comes in attractive, sustainable packs, which you can easily put on your table at parties, a romantic dinner for two, a fun evening with friends, a birthday party or just an evening at home in front of the tv!

These mini tomatoes are cut on the vine, just like cherries. The natural deep red colour  and the  vine make them look appealing. When the box is empty, the vines can be disposed of along with organic waste and the box with waste paper. Easy and responsible!

A treat to enjoy every moment of the day!

Great to give, great to receive!

Wondering what it tastes like? Contact us for a sample packet.
Mademoiselle Cheri