Bell pepper grower

Marcel vd Bosch


I studied electrical engineering at secondary vocational level. So how did I wind up in the greenhouse? Well, it's just something that crossed my path. In 1986 I was at a stage in my life when I had to make a choice. I had helped my father pick tomatoes, but it didn't feel right for me. At the time, bell peppers were a very profitable crop, so when my father said he wanted to make a change, I didn't have to think any longer. 


Bell peppers


Kwekerij Saltus V.O.F.



But my training hasn't been wasted at all; the automation in this sector means you are confronted with technical aspects on a daily basis. In fact, you hardly ever see a technician here because I always try to repair things myself first!

Peak performance

I have been a grower for 28 years now and I still grow with passion and pleasure. And over time I have gathered a large group of people around me who help. They know precisely what is going on and take responsibility for what they do. After all, it still takes a peak performance to harmonise all the various aspects - production, quality, biological crop protection - to deliver quality produce.


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