Tomato grower

Jeroen Keijzer

The diversity of Keijzer

The distance between de Lier and Vierpolders is 15 kilometres as the crow flies. Whereas de Lier is known as an extensive concentration of horticultural activity, Vierpolders on the islands in South Holland has a totally different character- and that really appeals to me. On our nursery, we grow in excess of seven million kilos of tomatoes annually, including loose round tomatoes and vine cherry tomatoes.




Kwekerij Keijzer


De Lier en Vierpolders

Look on the bright side of life

We have organised our seasonal activities so that we can grow tomatoes from around 1 March until around 1 December. All the tomatoes are sown in early November, and the seedlings are transferred to the production greenhouse in mid-December. The sun gives tomatoes their sweet flavour. To ensure the best quality, the vines are only harvested when the last tomato has started to turn pale red.

The healthy properties and wonderful flavour of our produce means I look on the bright side of life too. It really cheers me up to think that I can be walking through our greenhouse many years ahead and can still offer consumers a healthy, sun-ripened fresh tomato to enjoy.


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