Bell pepper grower

Jacco van den Ende

Jacco van den Ende specialises in growing smaller sizes of red bell peppers, intended for the single packs and so-called traffic light flow packs we know from the supermarket. The company is connected to a large residual heat project in Rotterdam and receives heat from a power station, a waste incineration plant and two large wood burners. “It’s a large network, to which several growers are connected. A very sustainable project, focused on the future.”


Bell peppers


Kwekerij van den Ende B.V.



The van den Ende family have been growers for five generations, growing peppers since 1977. Jacco enjoys the freedom his work offers and keeping himself busy with the plants. “I love working with a natural product, and I enjoy seeing it grow. That makes me really happy.” Crop protection is carried out as organically as possible. “When it comes to organic pest control, it’s really important to me to do everything I can to get the hang of it.” Jacco has a special hobby - working on new varieties - and he closely follows the latest developments. “I always enjoy keeping track of the newest varieties and their development, and seeing how successful they are on the nurseries."


Kwekerij van den Ende B.V. holds the following certification