Cucumber grower

Han van der Helm

The best job in the world

Nootdorp is where we grow cucumbers on almost two hectares under glass. Together with other growers we are centralised in one region. I grew up in the same region, and I love to see what we have managed to achieve together. As far as I am concerned, I have the best job in the world. We work with a tightly-knit team. Everyone loves working here and that makes for an amazing atmosphere.




Maatschap J.M.A. van der Helm



Our mission is to supply high quality produce, so we grow a cucumber variety that suits our cultivation strategy and is highly productive. We plant the seedlings in December and with three cropping cycles finish on 1 November. In summer the light intensity means it takes just 18 days to produce a cucumber, but in winter producing a good cucumber can take up to five weeks. 


Maatschap J.M.A. van der Helm holds the following certification