Sales models

Oxin Growers wants to offer its members a full-service experience. As a neutral intermediary and in a cost-efficient manner. Oxin Growers is a flexible and agile organisation with a sharp eye for market developments and a profound belief in the value of uniting and enriching cultivation and growers.

Oxin Growers has over 1,000 hectares of greenhouse vegetables, 1,800 hectares of full-field vegetables and 1,300 hectares of fruit. This makes the cooperative a serious partner for authorities and organisations, and also a powerful market player. We market the fresh produce grown by our members for a transparent and fair price. Knowledge is essential in this respect. 

Marketing your product
Thinking and working in a grower-focused way is key to this and enables Oxin Growers to offer the most flexible sales models. Select the sales model that suits your business and use the support services in addition if you want to benefit from a full-service experience

  • Oxin Growers Connect: group specific sales, joint guarantees                                                                   We want to offer our members a full-service experience. Oxin Growers Connect is our most comprehensive sales model. We connect crops and growers and make group-specific agreements about product, price and quality with our customers. Guarantees and risks are carried jointly. In addition, you are automatically entitled to all benefits that are part of the membership of the cooperative, such as the right to vote, profit distribution and access to CMO subsidies. You also have access to our valuable market and crop growth figures and we offer support with certification issues. The purchase of packaging materials is organised centrally and we ensure proactive quality controls.
  • Oxin Growers Unique: grower specific sales, grower specific prices and requirements                       Do you want to decide the price of your product and the associated quality requirements and sales conditions? Then opt for Oxin Growers Unique. Within this sales model, we make grower-specific agreements about price, quality and volume with customers and you are personally responsible for possible risks. Additionally, you can utilise our extensive service package, such as product and concept development. A sales model that is exceptionally interesting for growers who market specialities or niche products, that require their own unique conditions.

Oxin Growers is for every grower. Are the sales models above not right for your business? No problem. We will be happy to think along with you to discover how you can continue to do business your own way while still benefiting from the advantages our cooperative offers. Please contact us for more details.

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