Oxin Growers

The O represents the cooperative that is Oxin Growers. The circle that links and unites the individual growers. Because there is power in unity. Backed up by a robust organisation and a strong position in the sector, Oxin Growers offers all the opportunities for growth.

Oxin stands for growth. Literally in fact, because the name Oxin is derived from the word ‘auxin’. Auxin is a plant hormone that regulates a number of growth mechanisms. For example, auxin promotes plant root development, auxin controls seedling orientation and stimulates fruit growth. Auxin is a master regulator. Just like Oxin Growers. This name perfectly reflects the ambitions of our growers’ cooperative, whose members commit daily to producing fruit and vegetables while the cooperative focuses on growing the organisation as a whole. 

Want to know more about our growers? The Oxin Growers are presented on: /growers/list´╗┐

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