Oxin Growers wants to offer its members a full-service experience. As a neutral intermediary and in a cost-efficient manner. Oxin Growers is a flexible and agile organisation with a sharp eye for market developments and a profound belief in the value of uniting and enriching cultivation and growers.

Oxin Growers has over 1,000 hectares of greenhouse vegetables, 2,100 hectares of full-field vegetables and 1,680 hectares of fruit. This makes the cooperative a serious partner for authorities and organisations, and also a powerful market player.

We market the fresh produce grown by our members for a transparent and fair price. Knowledge is essential in this respect. Knowledge of market opportunities and price developments. But also knowledge of the quality of the products, the producers and the customers. That knowledge is present at Oxin Growers.

Using this knowledge, and by engaging our members in meeting our customers’ demands, we aim to balance trade and production.

Oxin Growers provides its members with services in purchasing, quality, food safety, certification, product and concept development, communication and IT. With the goal of achieving maximum returns for its members. Oxin Growers is also a recognised growers’ association and is therefore eligible for CMO subsidies.

Oxin Growers is a member of the following interest groups and trade associations:
- GroentenFruit Huis (
- Federatie VruchtgroenteOrganisaties (FVO,
- Nederlandse Fruittelers Organisatie (NFO,
- Nationale Coöperatieve Raad (NCR,
- Dutch Produce Association (DPA,

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