Benefits for growers

Oxin Growers likes short communication lines, values personal attention and offers custom-made solutions. This makes Oxin Growers the ideal partner for large and small growers and nurseries, for bulk produce and growers of speciality, niche produce. With our approach, we deliver customer and consumer-oriented production on a daily basis and offer growers and customers the maximum benefits.

Summary of benefits:
- Reliability through a wide range and extensive customer package
- Low contribution fees
- Access to CMO subsidies
- Payment security
- Representation of interests
- Intervention in crisis situations
- Direct and personal contact, by phone, e-mail or WhatsApp
- Commitment Oxin Growers values long-term relationships
- Know who you grow for. Oxin Growers links growers as far as possible to specific customers and their wishes, so that growers know who they grow for. That is an extra motivation!

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